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Kendama USA Presents – Behind The Scenes – FlowIVamic DUO – MIXTAPE HERE & NOW

Take a trip and dig deep with Kenyatta Williams and Dave Mateo. Kenyatta had a chance to visit Dave in Las Vegas for his birthday. See what else the Flownamic Duo gets into. In FDIV you’ll find some other hobbies and some behind the scenes of what these two go through.


Filmed by: Carolina Herrera, Kenyatta Williams, Dave Mateo

Edited by: Dave Mateo

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Jake Wiens Dama Blading

Pro team member Jake Wiens shows us his blading skills and jamming dama in the skatepark! You can follow Jake on instagram @thekengarden for constant updates!

What do you guys like to do other than kendama? let us know in the comments!


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