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Team Haley Bishoff NKR 2015

Located in the aesthetic woods of southern California, National Kendama Retreat was a wonderful opportunity for kendama players all over the nation to meet in one spot and jam for three days straight. This one-of-a-kind event gave people the chance to enjoy nature, camp in cabins with new friends, bond over laced tricks, compete in speed ladders as well as seven to spike and participate in numerous mini games. During NKR, the counselors were given groups to film an edit with for a contest. Here is Haley Bishoff’s group edit, enjoy!

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Road to NKR San Diego.

Dave Mateo is hosting a series of competitions allowing the winner of each city to get a full ride the the National Kendama Retreat this upcoming april! Here is the group photo of the San Diego competition!

Congratulations to Matthew Rigato for taking home the win!

Make sure you dont miss out on the next event going on in LA on March 29th!

For all the information you need goto 

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