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Zack Yourd Five Trick Fix

Zack Yourd has always been a stylish and innovative Kendama player. This 5 trick fix showcases some unbelievably difficult, technical, and progressive tricks. Zack’s new Kendama USA Pro Model was just released earlier this year. Check it out at the Kendama USA store

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A moment with the Keyaki by Jake Wiens

The Keyaki is part of the Hardwood collection from Ozora. They Keyaki has a crazy grain and nice weight. I love the sound of the taps and the overall play of this kendama.
One of the major things I noticed about the Keyaki is that the spike is tough as nails. I abused it like crazy and its still sharp as the first day I got it. Its just nice to hold a Kendama %100 from Japan. There is a feeling of pride when you hold a Keyaki. Proud to be part of Kendama.

Pick yourself up one from the Kendama USA store HERE

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