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Game of KEN – Tj Kolesnik vs Dylan Westmoreland


Playing KEN with your friends is one of the best ways to get better as a kendama player. It drives you and your friends to do better. TJ and Dylan got together and filmed one of their games of KEN. Who do you think will win?



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New Kaizen Kendamas Now Available!

They’re here! 16 brand new Kaizen styles & color ways! Everyday last week we released a few new products keeping everyone on the edge of their seats and hyped about all the new products. But just in case you missed it all, here is a pic showing everything that we released. So grab yours today or get them on your wishlists ASAP and share with friends and family!

2015 New Kaizens Released


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3 New Triple Stripe Colors Just Arrived

3 brand new color styles just got added to our Triple Striped Tributes!  See them all in our store HERE.

You might recognize the Black with Triple Blue stripe – Keith Matsumura won the battle in Seattle with this dama!

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