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Turner Thorne’s Top 10 Kendama Setups

Turner Thorne takes you through his favorite kendama setups! From old beat up kendamas to some brand new out of the box choices!

10. The Cook color shift Tribute

Not only do I love the way this dama looks, it is in fact the same one I did boarders balance flip with in japan.

9. Gold Kanji Tribute

The reason I chose this one is, well… just look at it!


8. Sky Blue Oozora

This was one of the first kendams I ever owned, I also filmed my KendamaUSA Entry  video with this!


7. Kendama USA classic woodgrain

I chose this one because i love the way that woodgrain kendamas play! And if you haven’t tried a Classic yet, you’re missing out!


6. Beech Wood Grain Theory. (sourmash tama)

I chose this dama because it is made for the players by the players, it is made by Jake Wiens and Matt Rice, the craftsmanship is amazing and the balance is on point, not to mention the worm hole! pick one up at


5. Keyaki oozora ken with Pro model tama.

This is one of my favorite choices to jam because the keyaki wood is much more sturdy, so it is my goto whenever I decide to play over concrete!


 4. Yellow Mugen

This is one one of my most prized kendamas, it was given to me by a good friend and it plays amazing!


3. Wood Grain Oozora

This is the dama that I used most often when learning a new trick, I love the way these play after being broken in!

2. The Cherry Wood Pro Models

I know it sounds pretty biassed, but I truly do love playing these kendamas, from the weight of the wood to the tacky paint I just cant put it down!

1. Blue TK16 Master

This was my first kendama ever, and is signed by Tim Durtschi, the person who first introduced me to kendama! I still play it regularly too. Without this kendama I would have never started playing so it had to be my #1. Also Once a Tk16 gets broken in, it can be one of  the best damas in your collection!


Thank you for reading everyone! Stay posted for more updates everyday!



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